Moelifor Farm and Estate Records in the village of Llanrhystud, including date, acreage, tenure, occupier or head of household.

Information provided by: John Hughes.
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(Tithe Apportionment)


of Household (Age)

Moelifor 1553 John Gwynne
1738 ? Phillips
1773 William Lewis
1802 Jenkin Jones
1822 John Jones
1831 John Jones
1839 180 John Jones
1841 John Jones
1851 John Jones (48)
1861 John Jones
1871 John Jones (widower)
1872 Evan Jones
1881 Evan Jones
1894 Evan Jones

Other Holdings
Occupied As in Tithe

Total Acreage
Owned or Occupied

Servants and Sex

Family and Sex

2M; 3F 2M
2M; 3F 8M; 2F
2F 7M; 1F
2M; 3F 3M; 1F*
2M; 1F 4M; 3F*

Owner of Farm



John Gwynne of Moelifor, MP for Cardigan & 1563-7); Caernarvonshire (1553 & 1536-83) (1572-83) W. Edwards, Llanrhystud, T.C.A.S. xi, 1931, pp. 66-7
Madam Phillips contributes to repair of Llanrhystud church NLW Llanrhystud Vestry Book
Rev. Watkin Lewis Penybenglog, Pemb. Davies (Card. freeholders, see APP II)
Davies (Card. freeholders, see APP II)
Davies (Card. freeholders, see APP II)
Davies (Card. freeholders, see APP II)
Davies (Card. freeholders, see APP II)
D. Saunders Davies D. Saunders Davies was a desendant of the Gwynnes of Moelifor Tithe Apportionment
Census enumerators book
Census enumerators book
Census enumerators book
*Including son, daughter-in-law and infant grandson. Census enumerators book
*Including John Jones father (formerly farmer) Census enumerators book
Fanny Saunders Davies, Pentre sells Moelifor Estate under terms of Settled Land Act, 1882. NLW Morgan Richardson, 1964-5
Moelifor Estate mortgaged by D. S. Davies to secure £4700 NLW Morgan Richard 1056
Evan Jones (Moelifor) nominated for parish Council NLW Minor Dep. 1191B