Map of North & South Wales Divided into Counties showing. The Principal Roads, Rivers, Railways & Canals. Drawn by C. Creighton, Engraved by J & C. Walker for Lewis Topographical Dictionary, London 1833.

Historic Maps of Cardiganshire

The following maps are available at: Genmaps, Cardiganshire old maps

Maps of Cardiganshire 1610 – 1890

Cardigan. 1610 Christopher Saxton; engr. William Kip

Ceretica; sive Cardiganensis Comitatus; Anglis Cardigan Shire 1645 Johannes Blaeu

Cardiganshire. 1645 Joan Blaeu

Cardigan 1695 John Seller

Cardiganshire 1718 Thomas Taylor in The Principality of Wales exactly described National Library of Wales

Cardiganshire. 1720 Emanuel Bowen and John Owen in Britannia Depicta

Cardiganshire. 1744 I. Cowley in R. Dodsley’s Geography of England

The Road from… Bramyard to Aberystwyth. ca.1765 Gentleman’s Magazine.. ca.1765 Gentleman’s Magazine.

A Survey of the Roads from Carmarthen to Cardigan, Llanbeder, Aberistwith. 1769 Universal Magazine

Cardiganshire. 1769 Thomas Kitchin in England Displayed

Cardiganshire. 1784 Thomas Kitchin in George Walpoole’s The New British Traveller

Cardiganshire. 1794 John Cary

Cardiganshire. 1821 Society for the Diffusion of Knowledge

Cardiganshire. 1835 Joshua Archer

Cardiganshire. c.1840 Drawn & Engraved by J. Archer, Pentonville, London. Published by Tallis C.1840

Cardiganshire. ca.1840 J.Archer in Thomas Dugdale’s Curiosities of Great Britain

Cardiganshire. 1843 J.Archer for Dugdales England and Wales Delineated

Cardiganshire. 1848 Robert Creighton

Cardigan area. ca.1880 detail from County Map pub. William Mackenzie

Aberystwyth-town plan. 1890 in The Gossiping Guide to Wales

Cardiganshire ca.1890 Ordnance Survey (detailed maps)

Maps of Llangynfelyn 1579 – 1905

The following maps are available at: Llangynfelyn
Ordnance Survey 1886-7 clickable map 6 inches to the mile.

Llangynfelyn. Christopher Saxton 1579

Llangynfelyn. John Seller 1701

Cardiganshire. John Seller 1701

Llangynfelyn. John Seller 1787

Cardiganshire John Seller 1787 (scanned at 300 dpi)

Cardiganshire John Seller 1787 (scanned at 150 dpi)

Llangynfelyn. John Cary 1794

Machynlleth to Tregaron John Cary 1794

Cardiganshire. Owen and Bowen 1720 The county map with route from London to ‘Aberistwith’, at 150dpi.(185KB). the county map only at 300dpi. (317KB) Road map Cardigan to Talabont at 150dpi.(163KB) or at 300 dpi (670KB). Road map Talabont to Llyn Tegid at 150dpi.(163KB) or at 300 dpi (628KB).

1809 J Roper County map, from Rees’ Beauties of England and Wales, about five miles to the inch.

1820 Reid Fourteen miles to one inch. 1827 R H Laurie Road map, from A New Traveller’s Companion, ten miles to one inch.

Llangynfelyn. George & John Cary 1829 2 miles to the inch

Machynlleth to Aberystwyth. George & John Cary 1829 2 miles to the inch

Llangynfelyn. 1833 Creighton & Walker from Lewis’ Topographical Dictionary.

Cardiganshire. 1833 Creighton & Walker from Lewis’ Topographical Dictionary.

Llangynfelyn Ordnance Survey 1837 one inch to the mile

1840 John Archer County map, from Dugdale’s Curiosities of Great Britain, delineated, about five miles to the inch.

Llangynfelyn and its environs Ordnance Survey 1837 One inch to the mile

Llangynfelyn, Tithe Map 1844 Clickable map, 12 inches to the mile

Llangynfelyn. Ordnance Survey 1888-1905 navigable map. scale 1:2500