Fears that Llanrhystud Beach will be lost a former Llanrhystud man claims, warning that the village will lose its beach unless erosion work is undertaken soon. Llanrhystud beach at high tide becomes a narrow shingle bank and at low tide it becomes a sandy beach. Located off the A487 road in the county of Ceredigion, nine miles South of Aberystwyth, Wales.

Llanrhystud will lose its beach unless erosion work is undertaken soon

Extract from “Cambrian News”

A former Llanrhystud man is warning that the village will lose its beach unless erosion work is undertaken soon.
John hughes, who now lives in Bridgend, visits Llanrhystud regularly to see his sister, Muriel, who still lives here.
And John is urging Ceredigion County Council or the Environment Agency to do something to stop the loss of the beach.

He said: “The main concern has been that the beach has deteriorated over the last few years.
“Llanrhystud has the best beach probably between the other side of Aberaeron and Borth.
“We are losing an amenity there that attracts holidaymakers and day trippers, but the numbers of people visiting the beach has dropped.”

And John is adamant that he will keep fighting until something is done to stop the erosion of the beach.
John and Muriel called a meeting of residents with representatives of the Environment Agency and Ceredigion County Council to discuss the problems.

John said that the beach has been reduced to around 400 or 500 yards of sand.

And he said: “The initial thing was to have a word with the Environment Agency on the environmental issue.
“I liaised with the Environment Agency who sent some people up to the meeting and there was a representative from Ceredigion County Council.

“It was more a case of noting the concerns of the local residents and there was a good turnout considering there were no posters, only my sister putting some flyers through doors.”
But John is under no illusions that whatever work is needed to save the beach will probably have come from the council.

He said: “We can’t do anything really because of the cost of measures to protect the sand. At least now they know that we are not happy bunnies.”

However, John is under no illusion that more work is needed to put pressure on the council.
He said: “The next step for me is to lobby the local AMs and MPs and to appeal to the tourist board to put some pressure on the council and Environment Agency.

“It is early days, but hopefully we can fire up the locals. I see the difference at the beach more and more when I come up four or five times a year and perhaps I notice it more than the residents.”
A spokesman for the Environment Agency said that although two representatives had attended the meeting it was not really an Agency concern.

But he said that officers responsible for sea defence and bio-diversity had attended after an invite.
He said: “We didn’t comment because it’s nor really under our remit.

“Unless there are sea defence or bio-diversity issues it is not really our area of responsibility. We had been invited to the meeting and were just there out of politeness.”
No-one from Ceredigion County Council was available for comment.

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