The Llanrhystud Coronavirus Support Group, is a community group set up to support residents of Llanrhystud during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Help is provided in various forms, including:

  • Collections of groceries and prescriptions
  • Phone befriending services
  • Financial advice
  • IT and tech support
  • Emergency building repairs
  • Crafts advice and supplies
  • Financial assistance for the most vulnerable
  • Employment advice
  • Non contact nursing and caring advice
  • Cooking advice
  • Scam awareness and community policing advice

Help is at hand to support you and your loved ones or if you are after some friendly advice, the group is here to assist in anyway it can!

Full details of the support provided and how you can help are found on their website:

Llanrhystud Supporting our Key Workers and the NHS

Here are a couple of photographs from around the village of Llanrhystud, in support of our Key Workers and the NHS, Diolch!

  • Llanrhystud Coronavirus Support Group
  • Llanrhystud Supports the NHS
  • NHS Support Llanrhystud
  • Stay safe Covid-19 Llanrhystud

Looking out for each other

Welsh Government has launched a looking out for each other campaign to give people advice and inspiration to navigate these trying times, whether that’s through volunteering, keeping connected or staying mentally and physically active.

Here’s a short film, voiced by Michael Sheen, on things people can do to look out for each other

Gwefan Cymraeg:
English website:
• Facebook: @LookingOutForEachOtherSafely
• Twitter: @WG_Communities @LlC_Cymunedau

Ceredigion Support Groups and Information

The latest news from Ceredigion County Council:

Ceredigion Coronavirus Support
We can help each other out as a community by sharing knowledge, advice and practical support support. There may be members of the community who can’t get out to shops, or who will need people to help care for their pets should they be taken into hospital, we can all do our bit to make sure people get the help and support they need.