The Account of James Evans and Evan John Church Wardens for the Year 1739.

  • Bread and Wine for the Sacrament 10.6d
  • To the Consistory Court 11.6d
  • Expences at the Visitation 10s
  • Expenses in going the boundaries of the parish £1.10.6
  • To an Answer to the Bishop’s Articles of Enquiry 2.6d
  • To Lime 11.3d
  • To 3 Hundred of Nails 2.2d
  • To painting the Dial-post 1.2d
  • Bell-ropes 5s
  • Slates 5s
  • Ditto for Carriage £1.4.0
  • For Laths 5s
  • To Nails 1.5d
  • Ditto 8d
  • Masons 10.6d
  • Slaters 14.6d
  • Carpenter £1.11.6
  • Timber and Carriage £1.14.6
  • To the Dial post and Mending the Benches 10s
  • To the Clark for washing the Surpice 3.6d
  • To a Copy of the Register and presentment 3.6d
  • To Carriage of Stones 2s
  • To the Over-seers of the poor 3.9d
  • To John Thomas for killing Foxes 7.6d
  • For Cleaning the Church 2s
  • For mending the Church Door Nailes etc 1.6d
  • To Hector Morgan 5s
  • To drawing our Accounts and Schedules 1.6d

[Total] £12.3.0
Assessed on the parish £12.2.6
Received from the late Church Wardens 10.1d

In all £13.l.7 Disbursed as above £12.3.0
Remains !n our Hands 18.7d
In the Parishioners Hands as appears by the Schedule £1.1.9

Full Book Details:
Llanrhystyd Parish Vestry Book 1 – 1738-70

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