1770 Poor rate 12d per pound

I Rees Evan of the Parish of Llanygrwyddon do hereby acknowledge that I agreed with David Evans and David Lloyd then Overseers of the Poor for the Parish of Llanrhystid on the 28th day of March last past for maintaining and supplying my Brother David Evan with all the necessaries of Life for eighteen Calendar Months from that time at the rate of £3 per annum. I further acknowledge to have received the sum of twenty Shillings towards cloathing the said David Evan, and do hereby promise and engage that whenever he quits me, he shall at that time be decently cloath’d and clad at my Expence as it shall be thought requisite and reasonable for a Pauper to be. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 23d of November 1769. The mark of Rees Evan

28 February 1770. Ordered then that John David Richard go from house to house in the Hamlet or Parcel of Mevenydd, and remain so many Days at such Houses as their respective Surveys will admit of at one night at every Pound.

11 May 1770. Agreed then at a Vestry that twelve Shillings and six pence be paid Jenkin Evans for doing all the Smith’s work on the Bell lately new-blocked.

Agreed at the same Time with William Richard for two new Biers, to be made of the best Ash; and for a Ladder eight Yards in Length, of the heart of Oak, for which he is to be paid one Pound and eleven Shillings.

Full Book Details:
Llanrhystyd Parish Vestry Book 1 – 1738-70

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