13.1.1792 Whereas an Incroachment is now making on the Common or mountain called Llyn eiddwen mountain by a mound Bank or hedge which some person or persons is or are now making and erecting on a certain place called Waun wleb opposite and Contiguous to the upper part of this Parish in order to convert the ground therein inclosed into private property to the great Detriment and Loss of the said Inhabitants of this Parish and others, We the underwritten at a public Vestry considering the Injustice of the above Incroachment do hereby Express our disapprobation of the same and our wish is that the said mound Bank or hedge be taken down and immediately be Levelled with the ground.

18.12.1792 Whereas Margaret Rees and Charlotte Jones both of this Parish have lately lost from their Dwelling-house several Sums of Money and other valuable Articles which they have great Reason to suspect and believe to have been stolen by a Person who went by the Name of Robert Jones or by Persons who travelled in company with him, and who were reputed to be his Family: We the undernamed do for ourselves and the rest of the Parishioners hereby promise to pay the sum of four shillings to Cornelius Cauty and [blank] for searching for and apprehending the said supposed Theives and bringing them before a Magistrate the said four shillings to be allowed them for their first Day’s trouble and Expence and every further Expence to be allow’d them hereafter.

Full Book Details:
Llanrhystyd Parish Vestry Book 2 – 1750-1815

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