17.5.1805 It was unanimously Agree’d by the Inhabitants.. to erect a sufficient Pound near the Church Gate for the two Hamlets of… Mevenydd and Hamminiock together with another Pound at Eskerfaur, on the spot of Ground the same was located before [Roedden nhw’n dal i gynnig hyn yn 1809].

We… being Inhabitants of Llanrhystid Hanninock do hereby unanimously agree to institute and prosecute a Suit or Action of Law against David Jones of the Village of Llanrhystid for the recovery of certain sums of money which he receiv’d from the different Inhabitants of Llanrhystid Hanniniock… as Collector of certain Rates and Taxes for the use of his Majesty for which he has not accounted And we further agree to abide and to take upon ourselves the Burthen and Consequence of the said intended Action.

Full Book Details:
Llanrhystyd Parish Vestry Book 2 – 1750-1815

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