At a Vestry held in and for the said parish this 20th day of June 1738 It is Agreed that a handsome convenient Gate at the East End of the Churchyard be made with all convenient speed.

And it is also further agreed that no money shall be spent in Ale by the present or succeeding Wardens at the Expence of the parish. [This entry crossed out!]

At a Vestry held the tenth day of August 1738 It is also agreed that the reading Pew be removed and placed near the pulpit, at the Expence of Richard Lloyde Esuire and that the place wher old [–] lyes be added to Mr Lloydes seat. And it is also agreed that the roof of the parish and the benches be repaired with all speed and that the floor of the Church be also Levelled.

[Signed] Richard Lloyde, John Edwards Cler., David Williams & John David Churchwardens; ?O.N.Morice, Richard Morice Vicar. Morgan Evans

Churchwardens’ accounts.

The names of those that have Neglected to pay the Church Rate for the
Year 1738. [11 names]

1738 A rate assessed on the Inhabitants of Llanrhystid Mevenydd of 7d per pound towards the repair of the said Church for the year 1739.

  • Madam Phillips for Moel-Ivor
  • Mrs Parry for Kilvachavel
  • Edward William Morgan for PenyCwm
  • Thomas David Brychwel Issa
  • Evan Thomas for Glan-Carrog
  • Evan Jerikin for Tregynon Issa

The Same Year for Llanrhystid Ymeiniock.

  • Richard Lloyde Esqr for Mabws
  • John Thomas for Mabws-Vach
  • Evan David Shion for Mabws-Hen
  • Edward Shion for Llyest
  • Jane Edward for Ty’n-y-Mynydd
  • Griffith David for Havod-Ronw
  • David William Lewis [no farm named]
  • Evan John Evan for Garn-Vach
  • David Evan Griffith Trawsnant Icha
  • Edward Evans for Trawsnant Issa
  • Rowland William for Pant’r Ogfan
  • Evan Evans for Rhys-Las Ucha
  • David Moris for Glan-Peris
  • John David Evan for Nant y Cenin
  • Thomas Lewis for Rhyd-las Issa
  • Lewis William for [blank]


The Account of James Evans and Evan John Church Wardens for the Year 1739.

  • Bread and Wine for the Sacrament 10.6d
  • To the Consistory Court 11.6d
  • Expences at the Visitation 10s
  • Expenses in going the boundaries of the parish £1.10.6
  • To an Answer to the Bishop’s Articles of Enquiry 2.6d
  • To Lime 11.3d
  • To 3 Hundred of Nails 2.2d
  • To painting the Dial-post 1.2d
  • Bell-ropes 5s
  • Slates 5s
  • Ditto for Carriage £1.4.0
  • For Laths 5s
  • To Nails 1.5d
  • Ditto 8d
  • Masons 10.6d
  • Slaters 14.6d
  • Carpenter £1.11.6
  • Timber and Carriage £1.14.6
  • To the Dial post and Mending the Benches 10s
  • To the Clark for washing the Surpice 3.6d
  • To a Copy of the Register and presentment 3.6d
  • To Carriage of Stones 2s
  • To the Over-seers of the poor 3.9d
  • To John Thomas for killing Foxes 7.6d
  • For Cleaning the Church 2s
  • For mending the Church Door Nailes etc 1.6d
  • To Hector Morgan 5s
  • To drawing our Accounts and Schedules 1.6d

[Total] £12.3.0
Assessed on the parish £12.2.6
Received from the late Church Wardens 10.1d

In all £13.l.7 Disbursed as above £12.3.0
Remains !n our Hands 18.7d
In the Parishioners Hands as appears by the Schedule £1.1.9

Other accounts include such items as:


  • To the Tyler l0s
  • To the Clarke for washing the Surplice and preserving the black-Cloth 3.6d
  • To the Smith for mending the Lock 6d
  • To the Masons for making up the Hole in the Steeple £1
  • To the Carpenter for mending the Steeple Door 13s


  • To fetching of Lime from Llanina 2s
  • Hinge for the Alter railes 9d
  • For a New Common prayer Book £1
  • For Cutting down the Ash, sawing etc. 8.9d
  • For locks on the reading Desk drawers l0s


In 1741 the church spent 9s on wine, at 1s per pint.


  • To Cloth for aNew Surplice £1.12.3
  • To thread and making 6s
  • Killing of foxes 15s


  • To Richard Lloyde Esquire for timber for makeing a New Gate 14s
  • To David William Thomas for timber for ditto. £1.7.9
  • Carriage of the timber l0s.
  • To Stephen James for Paint for the Gate and Messenger to Aberystwith for ditto 9.5d
  • To Mason for makeing the bench about the Yew tree 2s


  • For two teals and six pecks of lime and carriage from Aberystwith 16s
  • For parchment 1s
  • For killing 4 pole Catts 6s
  • For 14 bottles of wine £1.8.0
  • To John Thomas for filling up two pooles in the passage of the Church
  • To Jenkin the Smythe for mending the bell chains 4.6d
  • For a prayer booke 8.6d


  • For killing two foxes 5s
  • Paid for Iron to make Barrs for the Window of Mr Lloyds seat and makeing them. 1.6d


  • To Mr Hughes of Aberllolwyn for killing a fox 5s
  • For makeing a New bridge over the river Wyre fach as by the parish agreed


(Richard Lloyde Esq is one of the churchwardens)

  • For carrying Slates from the Sea Shore 1.6d
  • To David Jenkin Carpenter for mending the Benches Shutters to the Windows 5s
  • For the use of a sive [frequent entry]


  • Paid for Drink at pulling down the Bell 1.6d
  • Paid for shrowd for old Madlen 2s


  • Paid for Bason for the Font 1.9d
  • Paid David Richard for gravelling the porch 1.6d


  • Ale in two Vestrys 6s
  • To Singing master 15s


For 1740 there is a complete list of Church repair rates (levied at 4d per pound): 38 payments for Anhuniog, 49 for Myfenyad. Highest payments:

  • Mrs Phillips 5s4d
  • Mrs Parry 3s
  • Evan John 3s
  • Rees David Thomas 3.4d
  • Richard Lloyd Esquire only paid 1.4d


4 November 1746. ’tis orderd that the Officers of the parish shall buy Woolen Cloth for Mary Rice as much as will make her a Jacket and peticoat Not Exceeding I.6d per yard, And as Much flanen as will make her a Shift not Exceeding 8d per yard. And Moreover ’tis requir’d that the Officers put the Badge upon the Uper Garment of each of these paupers on pain of 20s fine.


24 June 1747. Jenkin Jenkins Clerk Instituted by Commission from Bishop Trevor, directed to the Rev George Phillips, clerk, M.A. Vicar of St Maries in Haverfordwest, was then Inducted to Llanrhystud, by the Revd Mr Roderick Davies Rector of Rhosdie upon the Decease of the Revd Richard Morrice late Incumbent.


15 January 1750. That an appeal be commenced and prosecuted at the next quarter sessions against the Churchwardens overseers and the Inhabitants of Llanygrowddon for the unjust removall of Margaret Evan spinster to this parish, at the Expence of the inhabitants of this parish, and that also the Inhabitants of this parish Doe stand to and abide by any referrence or agreement that shall be ordered by Erasmus Saunders Esquire and Owen Morice with the Inhabitants of the said parish of Llanygrowddon towards the Settlement of the said Margaret.

5 February 1750. It is agreed that the Churchwardens and overseers of the poor and other the Inhabitants of the said parish Doe authorize and [-] James Lloyd Gent attorney at Law to bring a Certiorari from his Majesties Court of Kings Bench to remove two orders illegally made by his Majesties Justices assigned to keep the peace for the County of Cardigan for removing and Settling Margaret Evan a pauper upon this parish…


1 January 1751. Orderd and agreed that Mary Rice a pauper be not further relieved by the said [—] she refti sing to wear the Badge and Guilty of severall Misdemeanours but that the overseers Doe pay her what will appear to be Due to her to this day.


6 April 1752. At a Vestry.. Mrs Phillips of Molivor was pleased to send down a fine new Black-Cloth, and made a Present thereof for a HEarse Cloth to the use of the said Parish.


16 June 1754. Agreed.. that the sum of forty shillings be allowed yearly towards the Relief of Evan David of this Parish discharg’d lately out of jail the first payment to be made on the first Day of August or soon after by the overseers of the poor.


19 September 1755. Ordered then at a vestry by the Majority of the parishioners that five shillings be allowed for Ale then spent for their Attendance.


1 April 1767. Ordered then at a public Vestry that a rate of six pence in the pound be assessed and levied towards the relief of the Poor of this Parish… and three pence in the pound.. as a Church-rate for the current year.


8 November 1768. Ordered then.. that John Thomas Parry of this parish is to have 3 yards of Cloth for breches and wascoat about ?2s a yard addition to his yearly payment.. and ordered to pay rent of a house for Jane Evan Widdow in addition to her allowance.


1769 Poor rate 12d per pound.


1770 Poor rate 12d per pound

I Rees Evan of the Parish of Llanygrwyddon do hereby acknowledge that I agreed with David Evans and David Lloyd then Overseers of the Poor for the Parish of Llanrhystid on the 28th day of March last past for maintaining and supplying my Brother David Evan with all the necessaries of Life for eighteen Calendar Months from that time at the rate of £3 per annum. I further acknowledge to have received the sum of twenty Shillings towards cloathing the said David Evan, and do hereby promise and engage that whenever he quits me, he shall at that time be decently cloath’d and clad at my Expence as it shall be thought requisite and reasonable for a Pauper to be. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 23d of November 1769. The mark of Rees Evan

28 February 1770. Ordered then that John David Richard go from house to house in the Hamlet or Parcel of Mevenydd, and remain so many Days at such Houses as their respective Surveys will admit of at one night at every Pound.

11 May 1770. Agreed then at a Vestry that twelve Shillings and six pence be paid Jenkin Evans for doing all the Smith’s work on the Bell lately new-blocked.

Agreed at the same Time with William Richard for two new Biers, to be made of the best Ash; and for a Ladder eight Yards in Length, of the heart of Oak, for which he is to be paid one Pound and eleven Shillings.