Llanrhystud’s Lost Forest

A prehistoric forest which was buried under water and sand possibly more than 4,500 years ago has been uncovered by Storm Francis, 2020.

The petrified trees can be seen lying on Llanrhystud’s beach in Ceredigion county.

Borth’s forest has become associated with a 17th Century myth of a sunken civilization known as ‘Cantre’r Gwaelod’, or the ‘Sunken Hundred’.

It is believed the area was a once-fertile land and township protected by floodgates.

Remains of tree stumps

The remains of the forest’s tree stumps, are well preserved, having been exposed by the storm moving vast quantities of stones, revealing the subsoil, peat and tree stumps.

Myths and Legends

According to one of several myths, ‘Cantre’r Gwaelod’ extended some 20 miles west of the current shoreline into what is now Cardigan Bay.

Could the land and myth extend as far south as Llanrhystud?

  • Storm Francis reveals lost forest on Llanrhystud beach
  • Lost forest on Llanrhystud beach
  • Llanrhystud coastline forest
  • Tree stumps emerge on Llanrhystud beach
  • Coastline forest at Llanrhystud

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