Extract from Historic Cardiganshire Homes: Tregynan Isaf Farm

Tregynan Isaf Farm 1884 map
Tregynan Isaf Farm 1884 map

Information provided by: John Hughes.
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1728 will
Jenkin EVAN, of Tregynan Fawr, ‘executor is me son Evan JENKIN’.

1737 vestry book
Evan JENKIN of Tregynan Fawr.

1746 vestry book
William David JENKIN, churchwarden, of Tregynan Fawr.

1754 to 1759 parish register
Morgan WILLIAM DAVID JENKIN of Tregynan Fawr.

1773 to 1788 vestry book
Morgan WILLIAM of Tregynan Fawr.

1797 land tax
D.DAVIES owner, John JONES tenant.

1801 to 1811 vestry book
John JONES of Tregynan Isaf.

1806 Llanychaiarn parish register
Elizabeth (dtr of Morgan WILLIAM of Tregynan Isaf) married Owen (son of Evan EVANS of Berthrees).

1814 land tax
John JONES tenant.

1817 to 1850 land tax
D.DAVIES owner,
David JONES of Moelifor (son of John) tenant.

1841 census
David JONES (50) farmer,
David (15) son,
Thomas (15) son,
Elizabeth HUGHES (20) Female Servant,
Jane HUGHES (15) Female Servant.

1841 tithe map
David JONES of Tregynan Isaf.

1851 census
David JONES (64) farmer,
John (39) son,
Thomas (26) son.

1857 to 1864 land tax
Thomas JONES (son of David).

1861 census
Thomas JONES (35) farmer,
Sarah (26) wife (daughter of John MORRIS of Tynybwlch),
David (2) son,
John (50) brother.

1869 to 1871 land tax
A.S.DAVIES owner, David JONES (son of Jenkin JONES of Rhiwarthen Isa) tenant.

1871 census
David JONES (31) farmer,
Sarah (34) wife (widow of Thomas),
David (12) stepson,
John M (9) stepson,
Mary (7) daughter,
Sarah (5) daughter,
Anne (2) daughter,
John JONES (59) vis,
John MORGANS (18) Male Servant,
David JONES (16) Male Servant,
Mary JONES (19) Female Servant,
Anne JONES (15) Female Servant.

1881 census
David JONES (41) widowed farmer,
Mary E (17) stepdaughter,
Anne Jane (12) daughter,
Jenkin (9) son,
John JONES (70) cousin,
Margaret Mary JONES (3) niece,
William VAUGHAN (17) Male Servant,
Margaret WILLIAMS (24) Female Servant,
Elizabeth JONES (17) Female Servant.

1891 census
David JONES (51) widowed farmer,
Anne Jane (22) daughter,
Jenkin (19) son,
Anne MORGANS (18) Female Servant,
Catherine EVANS (15) Female Servant.