Parish of Llanrhystud, Township of: Haminiog

County of: Cardigan
Hundred: Ilar
Parish of: Lanrhystud part 1
Township of: Haminiog part 1
Superintendant Registrar’s District: Aberystwyth
Registrar’s Sub-District: Llanrhystud
No. of Enumeration District: 1

The transcription

Part 1: “All that part of the parish of Llanrhystud Haminiog leading from the road to Llangwyrfron through Rhyd?, from thence to Llanfraid and to the sea including the south side of the village of Llanrhystud.”

Notes to the transcription

The parish was split into two parts for the census.
All ‘ditto’ entries have been replaced throughout by the actual name etc.
The original return forms have space for twenty-five names on a page: in some cases these are not all used, in others an additional name has been inserted, so the page totals are not always twenty-five.
The original Enumerators were not always consistent: names of people and houses etc. have largely been transcribed as written, with no attempt at standardisation.

The full column headings are:

  • Place: Name of House etc.
  • Un: = Houses Uninhabited or Building
  • In: = Inhabited Houses
  • Name: = Names of each person who abode therein the preceding night
  • M: = Age of a Male
  • F: = Age of a Female
  • Profession: = Profession, Trade, Employment or of Independent Means
  • Same: = Born in the Same County
  • For: = Born in Scotland, Ireland or Foreign Parts

Further Notes:

  • M.S: Male Servant
  • F.S: Female Servant
Penddole1Lewis Thomas45Ag LabY
Mary Thomas45Y
Richard Thomas8Y
Elinor Thomas5Y
Village of Llanrhystud11Elinor Jenkins30PauperY
David Jenkins3Y
Elizabeth Jenkins10Y
John Farman70In gincesN
Martha Farman60In gincesN
Do1John James64JoynerY
John James38Y
Margaret James17Y
Do11David Richards30MarinerY
Jane Richards25Y
Richard Richards6Y
Elica Richards4Y
Anne Richards4mY
Ship1John Jones41GlasierY
Margaret Jones44Y
John Jones18Y
Morgan Jones15Y
James Jones10Y
Evan Jones2Y
Elinor Jones13Y
Margaret Jones7Y

Page 1

Village1Thomas Davies57Excise OfficeY
Elizabeth Davies50Y
James Davies17Y
Elizabeth Davies12Y
Do1Richard Thomas35ShopmanY
Mary Thomas45Y
Elizabeth Thomas10Y
Evan Thomas7Y
Crismas Thomas5Y
Mary Thomas3Y
Jane Thomas10mY
Morgan Evans14Y
Anne Jenkins35F.S.Y
Star1Anne Lloyd35Inn KeeperY
Amie Davis20LodgerY
Village1Mary Hartshom65IndN
William Martin14Y
Thomas Martin12Y
Robert Miller9Y
Mary Evans35F.S.Y
Mary Davies15F.S.Y
Village1Shum Jones65SaylorY
Margaret Jones65Y
John Jones30Y
David Jones25GlazierY

Page 2

Llanrhystud Village1Mary Lloyd50PauperY
James Thomas35MasonY
Mary Thomas35Y
Llanrhystud Village1David Jenkins60Black SmithY
Anne Jenkins60Y
David Jenkins20Y
Mary Jenkins15Y
Margaret Jenkins15Y
Evan Colins11Y
Tycam1Margaret Davies55Y
David Arron50Ag LabY
Mary Arron9Y
Mabws (army?)11David Jones35FarmerY
Anne Jones39Y
Margaret Jones17Y
Elizabeth Jones15Y
John Jones4Y
Ann Jones2Y
Isaac Colins13Y
Cotadges beloning to
Mabws (army?)
1Elinor Davies26Y
Mary Davies2dY
Mary Davies50N
Cotadges beloning to
Mabws (army?)
1Elinor Rees26Y
Evan Rees8Y
John Rees6Y

Page 3

William Rees4Y
Thomas Rees1Y
Cotadge1James Thomas39Ag LabY
Jane Thomas35Y
Evan Thomas10Y
Thomas Thomas4Y
Lewis Thomas4Y
John Thomas1Y
Neuadd1Elizabeth Richards35Y
Evan Richards12Y
George Richards10Y
Elizabeth Richards14Y
Mary Richards5Y
Do1David Davies25WeaverY
Mary Davies30Y
John Davies3Y
Sarah Davies1Y
Glanrafon1Isaac Jones50Ag LabY
Maria Jones55N
David Richards5Y
David Richards5Y
Do1Thomas Lewis34Tea DealerN
Elizabeth Lewis34Y
Thomas Lewis2Y
Do1Jacob Thomas30Bag GathererY

Page 4

Elinor Thomas35N
Thomas Thomas7Y
Evan Thomas3Y
Elinor Thomas5Y
Mary Thomas3mY
Glanrafon1Anne Jenkins70PauperY
Tanpompren1William Richards48FarmerY
Elizabeth Richards32Y
Jane Richards13Y
Mary Richards4Y
William Richards1Y
Bryngwyn1Morgan Morgans40Black SmithY
Anne Morgans40Y
Margaret Morgans16Y
Elizabeth Morgans12Y
John Morgans8Y
Gwen Morgans6Y
Elinor Morgans4Y
James Morgans2mY
James Richards60IndY
Ty Mawr1Lewis Lewis42SaylorY
Margaret Lewis38Y
David Lewis12Y
Evan Lewis9Y
John Lewis5Y

Page 5

Anne Lewis2Y
Ty Mawr1John Davies61FarmerY
Thomas Davies55Y
Anne Davies50Y
Anne Griffiths25IndY
Thomas Jones18Ag LabY
Margaret Jones18Ag LabY
Margaret Thomas11Ag LabY
Castell Bach1David Morgan30ButcherY
Mary Morgan25Y
James Morgan2Y
Daniel Davies14M.S.Y
Bryngwyn Cotadges1Thomas Davies50Ag LabY
Margaret Davies50Y
Margaret Davies15Y
Do1Margaret Morgans60IndY
Penbryn Bach1John Evans32Ag LabY
Mary Evans6Y
Gwarfelin1John Thomas35FarmerY
Elizabeth Thomas35Y
Thomas Thomas10Y
Elinor Thomas6Y
John Davies15Y
Mariah Davies20Y
Evan Arian11Y

Page 6

Ame Evans26Y
Felin Fawr1Jenkin Evans24MillerY
David Evans15M.S.Y
Morgan Evans10M.S.Y
Bwypwll1Evan Evans45FarmerY
Anne Evans55Y
William Evans20Y
Elizabeth Evans20Y
John Evans15Ag LabY
Margaret Arian14Ag LabY
Tanyfoel1Morgan Davies70PauperY
Elizabeth Davies60Y
John Evans6Y
Tyn y cwm1Evan Evans60FarmerY
Mary Evans50Y
Jenkin Evans25Y
Evan Evans19Y
Margaret Evans30Y
Mary Evans17Y
Anne Evans12Y
Do1Mary Canty30PauperY
Caeau Bach1Elizabeth Owens60IndY
Do1Thomas Hughes70Ag LabY
Jane Hughes10Y
John Evans35TaylorY

Page 7

Alltlwyd1David James40FarmerY
Jane James35F.S.Y
Margaret James10Y
William Williams20Ag LabY
Jenkin Evans25Ag LabY
John Davies15Ag LabY
Thomas Jones12Ag LabY
Elizabeth Bowman35Ag LabY
Margaret Davies20Ag LabY
Catherine Thomas12Ag LabY
Alltlwyd Fach1Mary Thomas75PauperY
Three Cottages1William Williams45Ag LabY
Anne Williams50Y
Mary Williams15Y
John Williams16Y
Anne Williams11Y
Margaret Williams8Y
Do1Anne Evans25Y
DoJane Evans3Y
DoJohn Evans2Y
DoMary Evans2mY
Penfor1Jenkin Lewis50FarmerY
Mary Lewis50Y
John Lewis20Y
Lewis Lewis20Y

Page 8

Jenkin Lewis7Y
Magdalin Lewis25Y
Mary Lewis15Y
Owen Jones14Ag LabY
Penfor Fach12Sarah Morgan70FarmerY
Evan Morgan30Y
Anne Morgan30Y
Thomas Walters9Y
Do1James Morgan35FarmerY
Margaret Morgan30Y
Mary Morgan5mY
Penycastell1Alban Albans79FarmerY
Anne Albans72Y
Catherine Albans30Y
Thomas Phillips25Ag LabY
John Davies15Ag LabY
Evan Lewis11Ag LabY
Mary James20Ag LabY
Mary Lewis15Ag LabY
Cwmpencastell1Evan Evans60Ag LabY
Sarah Evans50Y
John Evans15Ag LabY
Penrosser1David Lewis25FarmerY
Winifread Lewis25Y

Page 9

David Lewis2Y
S?Anne Lewis3wY
Ffrwdganol1David Vaughan50FarmerY
Catherine Vaughan60Y
William Vaughan23Y
Margaret Vaughan22Y
Tynrhos1Deianah Mason25FarmerY
Rachel Mason50Y
John Evans5Ag LabY
Ffrwdfach1Mary Jones55FarmerY
John Jones30Y
Evan Jones25Ag LabY
Elizabeth Thomas25Ag LabY
Elizabeth Davies25LodgerY
Ffrwdfawr1David Davies56FarmerY
William Davies25Y
David Davies20Y
Evan Davies15TannerY
Anne Davies30Y
Mary Davies14Y
Elizabeth Davies10Y
Mary Davies15Ag LabY
Elinor Davies14Ag LabY
Ffrwdfawr Outhouse1James Thomas20Ag LabY
Thomas Hughes14Ag LabY

Page 10

Ffrwdfach1Evan Davies45Ag LabY
Anne Davies45Y
James Davies10Y
David Davies7Y
Do1Margaret Jones40IndY
Do1David Williams45TaylorY
Anne Williams50Y
John Williams20TaylorY
David Williams12Y
Richard Williams10Y
Margaret Williams8Y
Do1Mary Williams80IndY
Anne Davies15MantumakersY
Do1Morgan Morgan60PauperY
Jane Morgan63Y
Mary Rees25F.S.Y
Brynyrwyn1David Jenkins60Ag LabY
Sarah Jenkins60Y
Do1Mary Lewis40IndY
Mary Lewis7Y
Gwarffynon1David Jones45Ag LabY
Margaret Jones35Y
Mary Jones7Y
Do1David Jones40WeaverY
Mary Jones75Y

Page 11

June Jones35Y
Brynpyllan1Evan Williams50FarmerY
Margaret Williams50Y
James Williams25Y
Evan Williams10Y
Margaret Williams8Y
Ffynnonhywel1David Davies45FarmerY
Mary Davies40Y
Elizabeth Lloyd20Ag LabY
Margaret Evans20Ag LabY
Margaret James15Ag LabY
Outhouse1Lewis James20Ag LabY
David James15Ag LabY
Penygraig1David Jones40Ag LabY
Mary Jones44Y
Hana Jones10Y
John Jones8Y
Richard Jones6Y
Thomas Jones4Y
Mary Jones1Y
Rhydrosser1Anne Vaughans80PauperY
Thomas Vaughans60IndY
Rachel Vaughans46PauperY
John Vaughans14Y
Tycanol1Jane Jones65IndY

Page 12

Hanah Jones25Y
John Jones14Blacksmith AprY
Maenllwyd1John Jones50FarmerY
Mary Jones45Y
Mary Jones15Y
Rachel Jones9Y
David Jones8Y
New Mabws1David Davies69FarmerY
Morgan Davies25Y
William Davies23Y
Jenkin Davies20Y
Jane Davies27Y
Margaret Herbert20Ag LabY
Margaret Morgans18Ag LabY
Mary Jones17Ag LabY
Outhouse1Timothy George20Ag LabY
Thomas Herbert15Ag LabY
David Herbert14Ag LabY
Pencwmffrwd1Mary Williams59PauperY
John Williams25Ag LabY
Mabws1Winiffied LL Phillips50IndN
James Phillips25IndN
Firederiok Phillips15IndY
William Morgan30TutorY
David Richards45M.S.N

Page 13

David Jones15M.S.Y
David Morgan20M.S.Y
Rachel Lloyd25F.S.Y
Mary Morgan20F.S.Y
Mary Rees20F.S.Y
Anne Morgan14F.S.Y
Penybont1Evan Jones49Shoe MakerY
Letticia Jones35Y
Mary Jones13Y
Thomas Jones11Y
David Jones4Y
Anne Jones1Y
Penrhiw1Jane Davies55Y
Margaret Davies25Y
Mary Davies20Y
William Davies15Y
Mary Davies2Y
Griffith Evans1Y
Do1Catherine Thomas50PauperY
Do1Anne Davies55PauperY
Sgybor Fach1Lena Jones50FarmerY
Thomas Jones20Y
Lena Haris11Y
Tynrhelig1John Evans40FarmerY
Anne Evans35Y

Page 14

Elizabeth Evans30Y
Outhouse1John Morgan20Ag LabY
David Williams13Ag LabY
Pentre Bach1Evan Evans50FarmerY
Jane Evans30Y
Sarah Evans11Y
Mary Evans6mY
Anne Evans15Ag LabY
Pentre Mawr1William Davies28MasonY
Margaret Davies30Y
Margaret Davies4Y
Jane Davies1Y
Tanrallt1Ben James Williams32Ag LabY
Sarah Williams35Y
Thomas Williams4Y
Jane Morgan69IndY
Penrhuw1Jenkin Griffiths69TaylorY
Mary Griffiths48Y
David Davies22Taylor FY
Jane Evans6F.S.Y
Catherine Davies20F.S.Y
Penllain1Mary Evans73PauperY
Anne Evans35Ag LabY
Rhiwbwys1Mary Edwards57PauperY
David Edwards15Taylor AprY

Page 15

Thomas Edwards11Y
Do1Mary Williams73PauperY
Margaret Williams29Ag LabY
Do1Isaac Evans35Black SmithY
Jane Evans35Y
Ann Evans10Y
Margaret Evans8Y
Jane Evans6Y
Evan Evans4Y
John Evans2Y
Catherine Evans4mY
Jenkin Jenkins55Black Smith FY
John Jones15Black Smith FY
Do1Jane Lewis70PauperY
Jane Lewis30Y
Winiffread Lewis25Y
Anne Lewis5mY
Elizabeth Oliver30IndY
Catherine Oliver4N
Anne Oliver4mN
Felin Rhiwbwys1Elizabeth Griffiths65PauperY
Catherine Griffiths25Y
Dliga? Evans1Adopted ChildY
Do1David Davies34MasonY
Mary Davies36Y

Page 16

Anne Davies5Y
Richard Davies1Y
Margaret Evans14F.S.Y
Do1Richard Thomas37Ag LabY
Charlate Thomas35Y
Harry Thomas1Y
Mill1Elizabeth Richards45IndY
David Richards20MillerY
Elinor Richards15Y
Catherine Richards14Y
John Richards12Y
William Richards10Y
Mary Jones2Y
Coatadge1David Williams25Ag LabY
Mary Williams20Y
Thomas Williams2Y
? nfelin Farm1David Richards72FarmerY
Elizabeth Richards75Y
Rachel Davies25Ag LabY
Margaret Lloyd11Ag LabY
Ty Bach1John Rees45FarmerY
Mary Rees20Y
Elizabeth Rees12Ag LabY
Jane Evans20F.S.Y
Anne Jones20F.S.Y

Page 17

1841, Haminiog Totals498 198227