At last night online event WeFibre announced they will be rolling out Gigabit broadband to the Llanrhystud and Llanon area.

The Gigabit (1,000Mbps) connection is paid for by the DCMS along with Welsh Government match funding. Residents that sign up before the 31 March, 2021 will have FTTP (Fibre To The House) installed FREE of charge, future proofing your properties for decades to come.

The gigabit connection is also available for businesses who have been suffering poor internet.

Broadband Cost Per Month

Residents who sign up for a 12 month contract (DCMS minimum requisite) will be charged £20 per month for the service, prices for extras such as VoIP, to be announced soon. After the initial 12 month contract, you can choose to sign up for an additional 12 months at £20 per month or move to a rolling month by month contact for £30 per month.

The 1,000 Mbps will future proof your property for years to come, allowing the whole family to enjoy and use as many broadband deceives as you wish, from gaming to downloads and everything in between. The possibilities are endless.

WeFibre offer just the one package, 1,000Mbps upload and download with no usage limits! In reality we are told it’s closer 900Mbps for the super fast connection.

Time Limited Offer

The Broadband Upgrade Scheme comes to an end on the 31 March, 2021. Everyone who signs up before this deadline will secure a voucher for FREE installation to the property, including a FREE Gigabit router.

The installation happens in two parts, the first fix gets fibre to the property, you then agree a time and date for the second fix, this second fix gets you connected to the Gigabit broadband.

How Do I Register?

First you register your interest with WeFibre, WeFibre then send an email asking you to register your voucher with them, you also get additional information regards, how you can help them and the rollout process.

Once this has happened you can expect to hear from the DCMS, to check you have applied for the voucher. Once these emails have been acted upon, you have locked in your voucher money for the project.

The voucher is a grant which costs you nothing! You will never see the money personally as it goes direct to the provider once installation has been completed and your broadband has been activated by the provider.

Why Is The 31 March, 2021, So Important?

This is the cut off date for the voucher and you will NOT be able to claim after this date!

Register today to secure your voucher with WeFibre.

Frequently Asked Questions

WeFibre have a page with frequently asked questions which will help inform you of the installation process and what you can look forward too, once you sign up.

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Llanrhystud to get fastest web speeds in UK
Llanrhystud to get fastest web speeds in UK

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