Llanrhystud and its rural properties and businesses have a fantastic opportunity to become one of the first rural communities in the UK to be served by Gigabit broadband.

The area for any proposal is roughly from Llanrhystud to Cross-Inn and down to Llanon. ?

Why do I need to sign up?
The traditional copper wire along with the standard landline for phones calls, will be a thing of the past in the very near future. OpenReach are discussions about retiring copper wire connections from 2027.

The assumption is, BT will upgrade us all to fibre at sometime in the future, the bigger urban areas will be first to take advantage of this, with rural communities like ours at the bottom of the list, with continued poor service provision.

Is this a scam?
No, this is a genuine opportunity to bring Gigabit broadband to Llanrhystud and the surrounding area. The scheme is funded by both the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & and Sport (DCMS) and Welsh Government.

What is on offer?
Our community has a fantastic opportunity to leap into the 21st century with a brand new broadband infrastructure, with upload and download speeds up to 1000Mbps, with phone calls made via VoIP, our community would be looked at in envy by the rest of the UK.

Who’s eligible?
Rural residents and businesses (SMEs) with broadband speeds of less than 100Mbps could be eligible for the Broadband Upgrade Fund.

What is the fund?
The funding is available as small grants known as vouchers worth up to £3,500 for each small and medium-sized business (SMEs), and up to £1,500 per residential property.

What is the length of contract?
No contract leave anytime. If you are not happy with the service you can go back to your old provider.

Can I keep my phoneline and just have the broadband?
Yes, you can keep you phoneline with current provider if you wish. You also have the ability to move your phone on to broadband via VoIP with the new broadband. So no need to pay additional costly line rental every month.

What does VoIP cost?
Around about £5 per month.

Can I keep my phone number?
Some suppliers do, I need to check this one.

I’m still in contract with another provider, what can I do?
Still register your interest, as vouchers need to be registered by WeFibre before the 31 March. These vouchers are then valid for 12 months, before the end of the 12 months period your new supplier has to have installed and have working, the new infrastructure for them grant to claim the grant.

Do I see any grant money?
No, the voucher for the grant goes to the supplier, once they have installed and activated your new superfast broadband to your property.

What does the community need to do?
What we need to do now as a community, is to sign up as many households and business as we can to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. We have a supplier (WeFibre) that is interested in bring Gigabit Broadband to our area, but they need to reach a threshold (as in numbers) to make it viable proposition for them.

WeFibre Gigabit Broadband 1000Mbps
WeFibre Superfast Gigabit Broadband 1000Mbps

Sign up here with WeFibre for Gigabit Broadband, register you interest by joining the waiting list:

Ten Reasons To Sign Up For Superfast Broadband

  1. Superfast broadband is needed to support an increasing number of interactive devices in the home
  2. Without superfast broadband, consumers miss out on bandwidth-intensive services such as TV and Video streaming
  3. Superfast broadband provides substantially improved performance for delay-sensitive services, such as online gaming and voice and video telephony
  4. Superfast broadband delivers a more responsive experience for many applications
  5. With much bigger upload speeds, online back-up and file sharing is much faster
  6. Superfast broadband enables home working and can improve work-life balance
  7. Superfast broadband is more reliable than standard broadband, suffering from fewer faults and dropouts
  8. Superfast broadband connectivity is essential for many businesses to succeed
  9. Superfast broadband could increase your house price, or decrease it if you don’t have it
  10. Superfast broadband may be cheaper than standard broadband!

If we all pull together we can make this happen! ?