The Ceredigion Historical Societies field trip to Llanrhystud took place on 19 May, 2018. The visit explored the history and historic buildings of the village taking in the Church, Chapel, Beach, Limekilns and Water Mill.

Ceredigion Historical Society - Visit to Llanrhystud
Ceredigion Historical Society – Visit to Llanrhystud


We learnt that the association with Syr Rhys ap Thomas, accounts for the splendid church, and that the medieval church here was better than the average church, also interestingly that the tower and the core of the present day tower is still the original medieval tower.


The society then moved onto Salem Chapel that sits across the road from the church. Where members listened to a talk about’s its history.


The group then moved onto Llanrhystud beach, Michael Freeman gave a fascinating talk on the lost buildings and archaeology on the seashore of Llanrhystud, and discussed the old road that came down to the beach, we hear a lovely description by a tourist in 1738, who visits the area.


Here we learn of the lost cottages that show on the tithe map and learn of the names of people who lived in them. Interestingly this part of the coast also had its own pub (now gone), used by the workers of the limekilns and villagers.


The group learns that most lime kilns in the county are round, and that the Craiglas Limekilns have three eyes, called eyes because at night they would glow like the devil’s eyes, but here the kilns are built square. It was interesting to the the number of kilns in along the coast, numbering at 130 between Aberystwyth and Milford Haven, in 40 different sites.