Llanrhystud flour mill, Felin Ganol is one of only two commercial working water-powered corn mills with it’s original machinery in Ceredigion.

Located near the ford in Llanrhystud, it appears on the 1841 tithe map and was associated with the ancient Moelifor estate which dates back to the 16th century or earlier.

Felin Ganol corn mill Llanrhystud Ceredigion
Felin Ganol corn mill Llanrhystud Ceredigion

Working Mill

The mill is fed by a leat which fills the mill pond, water from here feeds an overshot waterwheel. The waterwheel consist of a spur-wheel driving two pairs of mill stones and sack hoist.

In later years, a belt drive powered a saw-bench which was supplied by an early electrical generator, powered by a turbine set below the waterwheel.

The mill has an attached corn-drying kiln and a two storey lime-washed mill-house dated 1872.

The village once supported a number of working mills. Other close by include: Felin Fawr, Felin Rhiw-Bwys, Felin Carrog, Felindre and Felin Trawsnant.

Felin Ganol Restoration

Restoration of the mill began in 2007, the pond was refilled in 2008 and after laying idle for nearly 50 years, in February 2009 the original French Burr stones turned again to mill wholemeal flour.

Today grinding organically grown grains to produce a range of stoneground flours, just as they did one hundred and fifty years ago.

Felin Ganol History

Details and further black and white photographs of Felin Ganol can be found on Coflein.

Moelifor Mill or Felin-gand 1884 map
Moelifor Mill or Felin-gand 1884 map

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