Glancarrog Farm and Estate Records in the village of Llanrhystud, including date, acreage, tenure, occupier or head of household.

Glancarrog Farm 1884 map
Glancarrog Farm 1884 map

Information provided by: John Hughes.
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(Tithe Apportionment)


of Household (Age)

Glancarrog1738Evan Thomas
 1773John Richards
 1783? Richards
 1773Hugh Hughes
 1802David Jones
 1822David Jones
 1826David Jones
 183976Annual TenancyEdward Jones
 1841Edward Jones(60)
 1851Edward Jones
 1861Edward Jones
 1871Mary Jones (widow)
 1881Mary Jones (widow)

Other Holdings
Occupied As in Tithe

Total Acreage
Owned or Occupied

Servants and Sex

Family and Sex

2M ; 1F2M ; 2F
1M ; 1F1M ; 2F
2M ; 1F3M ; 4F
1M ; 1F2M ; 2F
1M4M ; 3F

Owner of Farm



Contributed to repair of Llanrhystud ChurchNLW Llanrhystud Vestry Book
NLW Llanrhystud Vestry Book
Mary Richards of Glancarrog marries James Morice of Llanrhystud (gent.)NLW Cwrt Mawr 44
NLW Llanrhystud Vestry Book
NLW Llanrhystud Vestry Book
NLW Llanrhystud Vestry Book
D. Saunders Davies, Pentre (Pemb.)In marriage settlementNLW Morgan Richardson 1045-6
NLW Morgan Richardson 1045-6
Tithe Apportionment
Census enumerators book
Census enumerators book
Including widowed daughter Mary; widower stepson John Richards and 3 grandchildrenCensus enumerators book
2 daughters; 1 son and 1 stepbrotherCensus enumerators book
1 unmarried daughter; 1 married daughter and husband; 1 stepbrother and 2 grandsonsCensus enumerators book