1809 treth y tlodion 5/6 yn y bunt.

Rhestr y tlodion yn 1809:

  • Thomas Morgan £7.10.0
  • David Simon £7.0.0 for keeping Mary David of Penycwm;
  • Mary Jones £4.6.0;
  • Margaret John Evans £3.18.4;
  • Mary Thomas Rowland £3.10.0;
  • Margaret Penyddel £4.0.0;
  • Catherine Davies £4.0.0 towards Nurseing Her Bastard Child for Seven years If the said Bastard Child should live so long…;
  • John Vaughan £3.3.0;
  • Elizabeth Treflys lA per week and £1.5.0 House Rent and 5/- for a Measure of Corn;
  • Mary Welsh £2 and £1 for House Rent;
  • Mary John the same as before;
  • David William Harry £1 per year; David John £1.1.0 for House Rent;
  • Mary Brinbulle £4 per year

May 17th 1809 At a Publick Vestry Held at the Church of Llanrhystud and from thence ajourned to the Dwelling House of David Jones…. that a proper Sun Dial be set up in the Church Yard where the old one formerly stood, And further it was ordered that the present font be removed about a yard and half lower down for the conveniency of setting up more benches in the Church and that the said Church be properly pointed and whitewashed Ordered to John Lewis High Street Dartmouth Devon the sum of £4.0.0 ending this Inst and the further sum of £6.0.0 a Year from this time out.

Full Book Details:
Llanrhystyd Parish Vestry Book 2 – 1750-1815

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