23.5.1810 At the House of David Jones called the Black Lyon situated in the Village of Llanrystid… Daniel Jenkins of Pwll Parlla[sic] in this Parish is admitted to be a Pauper to be releived out of the Poor rates thereof. He is to have the Rent (whatever was due to his Landlord for the tenement called Pwllparlla and all parish rates due the 1st day of May last) to be paid by the overseers of the Poor… His youngest Child (now at Nurse at the expence of this Parish) is to be paid for by the same up to the 5th day of October next, when the said Daniel Jenkins is to take the said Child home to his own House, no longer to be a separate Burt~en to this Parish.

Two Parish Pounds for the impounding of Sheep Cattle Pigs Horses and other animals… having been erected… at the costs of £36.8.10. Resolved that the thanks of the Parishioners… are justly due to Mr David Davies…. Resolved that two PoundKeepers be appointed to take care of the said Pounds and to keep the Keys thereof… [and to] pay an annual Rent for their said Offices and for the profits arising for the same… That Hannah Griffiths of the Red Lyon in the Village of Llanrystid Innkeeper be appointed Pound Keeper for the Pound situated in the Village… for which she is to pay the rent of one Guinea… That Lewis Davies of Escir… Farmer be appointed Pound Keeper for the Pound situated near Escir… for which he agrees to pay the sum of sixteen shillings

12.9.1810 That whereas a Ballot for the Militia of this County is soon to take place, and in Order that it may fall as light as possible on the Balloted person whose Lot it may happen to be drawn, We have therefore Resolved that every Servant and labourer in this parish is liable to be drawn for the said Militia, and who will sign our article of agreement binding himself thereto, and shall Deposit with the OVerseer of the poor… the sum of one Guinea, Then in Case any such servant or labourer so paying as aforesaid shall happen to be drawn, He shall in that Case pay the further sum of Ffour Guineas to the said overseer, and every such balloted servant or labourer Duly paying as above directed shall be exempted at the charge of this parish for the space of five years from the said Militia. But if any such Balloted Servant or labourer should be desirous of serving personally in the said Militia, and approved of, He is in that Case to receive from the Overseer of this Parish the sum of Twenty four pounds and fifteen shillings Exclusive of the aforesaid sum of Five Guineas, for which he will be accountable as aforesaid, which said sums will make up to him Thirty Pounds…

Resolved that for every Farmer’s Son, who is subject as above and who will sign the article of agreement as aforesaid and shall pay the sum of one pound Eleven shillings and sixpence to the overseer… In that case if any such farmer’s son shoul happen to be drawn, he is to pay the further sum of Five pounds Eight shillings and sixpence… and every farmer’s son paying as above in like manner shall be Indemnified from the Ballot for five years. But should any balloted farmer’s son [….fel uchod].

Resolved that the Farmers are not to contribute to this Fund, their Rate being considered sufficient. But in case any ifarmer should happen to be drawn for the said Militia, then and in that case, He is to pay the sum of Seven Pounds… as his fine, and to be discharged also for Five years… And it is further Agreed … that [the Parishioners] shall engage at their own proper cost and charges to provide a proper Substitute for and on the behalf of ever such person so balloted.

Full Book Details:
Llanrhystyd Parish Vestry Book 2 – 1750-1815

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