2.6.1815 That whereas in the account of William Edward late overseer of the Poor of this Parish a charge of five pounds and ten shillings for Ale drank at the expence of the Parishioners, that the same be allowd for the last time, and that in future no charge for Ale or liquor shall be allowd in the accounts of any Overseer or Church Warden whatever unless the same be Ordered by the Parishioners in Vestry assembled prior to the same being deliverd and drank, and that such Ale or liquor and the amount thereof allowd, shall be enterd in this Book as the orders of that Vestry, and the same be signed by the majority of the Parishioners then present, otherwise the overseers or Churchwardens ordering the same or permitting it to be drank shall pay for the said liquor out of his own pocket, and further it is orderd that no more Ale or liquor shall at any time be drank at any one Vestry than to the value often shillings.

4.7.1815 A Publick Vestry held at the School house in the Churchyard of Llanrhystid… Concerning the Common Called Mynidd bach that is a Dispute happen between the two Lordships hamminiock and Mevenidd and it is Nessesary to find out the Boundary Between the two Lordships… Ordered that 5s for ale on this occasion.

Full Book Details:
Llanrhystyd Parish Vestry Book 2 – 1750-1815

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