3.6.1813 Resolved that the Complaints against the conduct of the present Schoolmaster be for the present dispensed with, and that he be warned respecting his future attention to his duty.

[to David Simon and Elizabeth his Wife… ten pound annually] for the support maintenance and Clothing of Mary Davies a pauper and an insane person belonging to this parish.

5.10.1813 Resolved 1ly That the Reverend James Morice is not a proper person to be continued to teach school at the Schoolhouse at Llanrhystid. 21y That the Reverend the Vicar [Richard Evans] and the Church wardens do and shall inform the Reverend J.Morice that he is not to have the use of the Schoolhouse at Llanrhystud after Saturday next the 9th Inst. 31y That the Use of the Schoolhouse at Llanrhystid be offered to the Reverend Thomas Edwards and that he be requested to open a School therein on Tuesday the twelfth Instant.

30.12.1813 Whereas there have been various losses sustained and robberies Committed of Geese and other fowls, and the Houses of Farmers enterd into in the Day and Night Season for those evil purposed. – And Whereas there is cause to suppose that these breaches of the Law have been committed through ignorance of the Heinousness of the transaction and evil tendency thereof, by Children who at breaking up of School knew not that they were amenable to the Laws of their Country for so doing. We… Do Give this public Notice and We do request that the Minister will cause it to be made known to his Parishioners from the Pulpit That No Excuse hereafter will be allouwd nor any opposition to the Master of the Parish School shall be practiced or sufferd And that Whoever shall be guilty of any Riots upon such pretences shall be placed in the hands of the Constable to be carried before a Justice of the Peace in order to be committed to Gaol and prosecuted at the expence of the Parish and punishd in the Most rigorous Manner according to Law.

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Llanrhystyd Parish Vestry Book 2 – 1750-1815

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