SD/1632/98 LEWIS AP RHYDDERCH, Llanrhystud

14.May 1634 Bur. StDs 4d

To natural daughter Marie Lewis £3.6.8 … 26s8d upon the feast of All saints next, and 40s beinge the rest… upon the feast of Allsaints next twelvemonth… [same to son William Lewis] and to my trustie Cozen John ap Jevan ap Ruddher to be employed to her best use and preferment

To d. Gaynor Lewis £3.6.8… 20s upon may next and 20s upon may 1635 and 26.8d upon may 2 two years hence 1636

To my son John Lewis 20s at Michaelmas next

To the rest of my children viz William Lewis, Jevan Lewis, Richard Lewis and Jayen Lewis, I have noe goods to bestowe on them but my blessings, which I doe heereby give and bequeath to each of them, desiring god to blesse them withall

Rest to wedded wief Marie Lewis, executor [executrix not used] to levy my debbs and pay my detts and to see my funerall expensis discharged to the glorie of god and my soules health


Witnesses: Thomas Lloyd (same as previous) Robert Ellis, Rees Lewis, all flowery signatures.

PROBATE: 17.6.1634 Henry Lloyd to Mary verch Lewis.
BOND: Marie Lewis, Rees Moris Llanwnws yeoman, Rees Lewis Llansanfrede yeoman.
All marked.

INVENTORY by William Lloyd & Griffith William
one silver boule 26s8d
2 ould pannes and one bruinge vessell 20s
3 barells and one —-4s
2 quarte pottes and five pewter dishes or platters 7s
2 bedsteeds, 2 feather beds 2 payer of course sheeds 6 blancketts good and bad, foure Couletts £3.10.6
£9.13s total