SD/1630/92 WILLIAM JENKYN, Llanrhystud

10.12.1630 Bur. StDs6d

to eldest d. Anne wife to Leweis ap Rudd. one pound of lawlul money
To daughter Jane w. if Ieuan ap Edward 1 yoke of oxen
To d. Margaret? wife to Thomas Watkyn five pounds provided always that if the said Thomas Watkin and Margaret claim any part of my goods beside the said legacy … they shall be debarred of the said legacy…

To d. Elizabeth wife of Thomas Llewelyn ap Hugh one cow

To grandchild Jane Leweis ap Ruth five pounds and one heifer in c. of Jenkyn ap Hugh

To grandchild William Leweis 40s

To my two grandchildren Marie Leweis and Gaynor Leweis 2 yearling heifers

To Elizabeth Leweis my grandchild 2 sheep 2 lambs to be delivered unto her at the feast of Philip and James next

To my reputed son Jekyn William the litle red nagge nowe in myne owne Custodie

To grandchild Elizabeth Jenkin 2 sheep 2 lambs

To grandchild Moris Rudd 26s8d

To my reputed son Richard William 3 kine

My son and heir William Williams to be his tutor and garden duringe his mynoritie

To Ethlewe my wedded wife five pounds and all my goods and househould stuff as shee was owner of before and at her intermariage with me and also foure kyne and likewise the one half of all my corn nowe remayning in my haggard savinge and [not to claim any more, or debarred] and upon condition further that if shee shall refuse to seale and deliver unto my executor upon his demand an acquitance of all such claymes… then voyd.

Witnesses: Richard Lloyd, Morgan David Jenkin, Thomas ap ?Rudderch, David Rees, Rynold Lloyd, Jenking David Jenking with others

Attempt at signature.

Debts upon testator: to Mary vch Hugh £6.10.0
Debts due to testator: William Jenkins of Carrog gent, due sithence October 1629 £14

Upon Jenkin ap Hugh Griffith of Llansantfred due sithence the first day of this instant January 20s

PROBATE: 20.1.1630/1 Henry Lloyd, to exec.
BOND: ditto to William Williams of Llanbadarn Trefeglwys gen. Morgan David Jenkin ditto gent and Thomas William Mores Caron gent. All 3 signed, the first two very well.

INVENTORY: [describes him as a gentleman]
4 oxen £4
10 kine at 16s8d each £8.6.8
Other beasts… at lOs each £5
five yearling beasts 16s8d
three horses £3
2 old mares £1.6.8
forty sheep £4
Sixteen lambes 16s
four swynes 5s4d
corn in the haggard £5
Corn in the ground 20s
One lease called Morvar ir anckar 20s
one feather bedd with his appurtenances 20s
4 blanketts and two ould coverleetts 13s4d
Three old pannes 20s
One brassen pott 6s
Two Coffers or Cheasts 6s6d
Other smale househould stuff and necessaryes for husbandrie 13s4d

Sum total £34.6.O