SD/1627/102 THOMAS JENKIN, Llanrhystud

7.3.1626/7 StDs 4d

To Lleyku vch Thomas my yongest d. 20 sheep in custody of Morris Thomas of Llanrhystud, my will is in defalt if there bee not so many in the c. of Morris Thomas that my executor hereafier named shall make upp the said sheep … three heifers of 3 yrs old at May next being in my own custody… two heifers of the adge of two yeeres old,,, Tenn lambes
To my son Lewis Thomas one kowe now in calf collered blacke… beside the portion due unto hym in preferment of his marriage
To son Lewis 3 lambs
To grandchild one heifer 2 yrs and 3 lambs
To grandchild Jaen vch Jeuan one heifer 2 yrs old, 3 lambs
To my servant David Jenkin one lamb on and before his wages
To wife Margett vch Ieuan Jenkyne 4 lambs
To grandchild Joan vch Lewis 4 lambs
To William Morris clerke a wether of 3 yrs old
Wife and son William joint executors… to levy and pay my debts and legacies… unto whom I also give all my goods etc not bequeathed

Witnesses: Thomas Lloyd, Howell Thomas, Rees ap Jenkyne, John ap Ieuan Ruddch, Jekyn David , Lewis David and William Morys clerk with others

Debt due to John ap Ieuan ap Howell £6

PROBATE 10.4.1627 Thomas Lloyd to executors

INVENTORY prised by Howell Thomas and Rees ap Jenkin 5 kine £5
2 bullocks 2 yrs 13s4d
3 heifers 3 yrs old 30s
one heifer of one year 6s8d
3 yearlings 15s
Three horses and one colt £3.10
40 sheep £4
20 yearling sheep 30s
17 yearling sheep in c. Evan Thomas Jenkin 25s
All the corne and grayne both in the ground and in the haggard
Household stuff £3
In custody of Morice Thomas of Llanrystid xxtie sheepe £3
More xxviij Lambs in the will expressed 28s

The whole some doeth amounte to be xxvj£.4d