26.2.1811 Whereas there are several persons in this parish now labouring under that infectious and too commonly fatal disorder called the Dyssentery, We think it our Duty to use every precaution that may tend to prevent the spreading thereof, and for that purpose we authorise and request the Overseers of the poor to call at every House where they hear that any one is affected with that Disorder in this parish, and to make their report of the same, that Medical Assistance may be acquired.

2.8.1811 That the Overseers of the Poor and other respectable Inhabitants of this Parish do borrow the Sum of one hundred and fifty-six pounds of the first Bank at Aberystwith for the purpose of paying the substitutes in the Militia for this County.

28.8.1811 At a Puplick Vestry Duly proclaimed in the Black Lion Inn… that James James Lletygwin to go to the Great Session of Cardigan to stand a trial againts John Walters Newcastle for the wronge Implea of Tressbass to Proceed Againts the Parish Llanrhystid.
[Treth y tlodion 10/- yn y bunt + 5/- yn y bunt 18.12.1811+4/- yn y bunt 10.3.1812+].

Yn ystod 1811 fe wnaeth un arolygwr dros y tiodion 27 taliad i diodion a 31 taliad arall, yn cynnwys:

  • To pass the Vagrant men £5.3.9;
  • to Mary Williams for Butter to the man of Worchester 3/- & to David Jones for keeping the same £1;
  • For Ten Journey to the Bank of Aberistwith for the subtitude £1.5.0;
  • for ale in Ten Vestry to David Jones £2.11.4;
  • to pass 2 Vagrant 2/6; paid to David Rees penybont for kill crows 2 year £2.2.0.

Dros yr un cyfnod talodd yr arolygwr arall 23 taliad i dlodion a 47 o daliadau eraill; gan gynnwys:

  • To Catharine Jenkins for mantain Caty wyrion £6;
  • to John Morgans for Linseed oyl and painting 8s4d;
  • to Evan Lewis Moelyfore for herings Dl pwllyparlla 6/-;
  • paid for Elinor Edwards at Llanrhystid 1/-‘ to pass 18 sraglers from Constable to Constable 18/6;
  • for my Journey and Cost to the Session of Cardigan 3 Days £1.50

Full Book Details:
Llanrhystyd Parish Vestry Book 2 – 1750-1815

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