SD1607/126 THOMAS AP REES GOCH, Llanrhystud (Tyddyn-y-wern)

16.4.1607 Christian burial. StDs 12d

To son Retherch Thomas 2 hyeffers 3yrs
To Phillip Thomas one cowe 1 hyeffer 3yrs
To Gwenllian vch Thomas one kyve and a tell of pillcorne
To Lleygey vch Retherch my wyffe one cowe and a tell of pillcorne
To Saige vch Ieuan Thomas begotene upon the bodie of Janet vch Mredith one yerltnge hyeffer & 2 yearlinge bullocks
To Lewis Moris a lamb
Redderch Thomas my sonne shall occupie and enyoye the tenement where hee dewelth during the tyme that the landes be unredemed of the Right heyre therof
The Morgaig money of the said tement shall be delivered to Morgan Dauid to whome I do geve to hyme and his heres for evere
To son Jenkin Thomas two messuages of lands… called Tyddyn y Wern wher I now do dwell and Tyddyn pen y pont in ten. of David Lloid ap Ievan ap Rees in parish of Llanristed..

Residue to son Jenkin, executor

Witnesses Richard Lloid, Ieuan Gruff., David ap Rees, Ieuan Jenkin Ddy, ?Rees ap Ieuan, David ap Griffith, Edward Jones clerk with others

PROBATE: 9.7.1607 Thomas Lloyd clerk to ???Salbo Jones
BOND: to Jenkin Thomas (mark) & William Morris cler. (good signature) 9.7.1607
4 oxen £4
six great kine £3.6.8
two wild kine and one
2 bullocks of 2 yrs 20s
2 heiffers 2 yrs 20s
one heiffer of four years 13s4d
a bollocke 4 yrs 13s8d
three heiffers of3 yrs 30s
2 bullocks 20s
one calfe 3s4d
in sheep seaventeene 34s
2 horses and a mare 46s
Stuff 40s
1 plough 4s
two iron h….. 3s4d
corn in haggard 20s
corn in ground 20s

TOTAL £28.3s.0


1. Edward Johnes cler. rector of Rosdye for 16 years 56 years old

To the wille and testamente upon Recorde remayning and beinge shewed unto this deponent and by him throughelie and advisedlie perused at the tyme of this his examination this deponent sayeth that being requested he came to the house of Thomas ap Rs Goch uppon the xvj daye of Aprill Anno Dni 1607, who being sicke in his bed yet beinge in good and perfect memorie, requested this deponent to take the paynes to write his wille and testament, whereupon this deponent accordinge to the true meaninge of the said Thomas ap Rees Goch then delivered to this deponent in the presence of Richard Lloyd, Jeuan Gr, Dd ap Rs, Ieuan Jenkin ddy, Richard Ieuan, David ap Griffith and others, did write the wille and testament upon Recorde (as aforesaid) remayninge contayninge all the singular the legacies, gifies, bequests, in the said will and testament, and sayeth that the said testator did then Constitute Jenkin Thomas to bee executor of his said wille, and that the said will and testament being by him then fullie written, was by him interpreated in the wealshe tongue unto the said testator, who then in the presence of the witnesses above named and others ratified the same to be his wille and testament in all points and for more confirmacion thereof did putte his marke and seale unto the same and delivered it as his last wille and tesstament and that Jenkin Thomas the executor aforenamed.

2. Richard Lloyd, gent, 20 years in Llanrhystud, 30 years old. Spoke English [Signature]

3. David ap Rees gent, 27 years in Llanrhystud. Spoke English. [Signature: David Price]

4. Ieuan Griffith yeoman, 26 yrs old, of Llanrhystud since birth. [good signature]

5. Ieuan ap Jenkin, no title, 40 years old, 10 in Llanrhystud. Interpreted. [Mark].

6. Rees ap Ieuan, no title. 60 years old, b. in Llanrhystud. Will interpreted. [Mark]

7. David Griffith 34 years old, b. in Llanrhystud. Will interpreted. Mark.